I am not just a complementary therapist, doula or coach.

I am a therapist who combines eastern/western healing modalities into a unique approach to support you and your family, to achieve optimum health and wellness in your mind, body and spirit.

My approach incorporates education and nurturing support so you can learn as you work on improving your own/your families health and wellness.

So you can understand how you can look after yourself and tune in to your heart and listen to your mind, body and spirit.

Every single person is unique, that's why my therapeutic approach is fully personalised. I focus on your unique individual circumstances and needs.

I offer online consultations/therapies and affordable self care courses which you can work through at your own pace in the following areas:

Natural Fertility

Anxiety and Stress

Birth Trauma

Post Natal care

Gentle & Holistic Sleep Consultations Babies & Children

Pain Management

Increasing energy levels

Life & Wellness Coaching

Perinatal Mental Health

Holistic Baby Therapies - Reflexology & Massage

General well-being

It all starts with a consultation and wellness assessment, after which we discuss the most beneficial therapeutic approach.