Creating a calm space in the midst of lockdown.....

Being in the midst of lockdown, there is no better time to create a meditation or calm space within your home. I'm sharing five easy steps to help you create a space of your own.

Select items that are special to you, the space needs to be meaningful for you and the family.

The 5 steps:

1) Select the space in your home - it needs to be somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed.

2) Gather your essentials - this can include a cushion or chair, a blanket or shawl, a timer or clock

3) Gather your sacred items - Here are a few suggestions, I've chosen a something for each of the five senses plus something from nature:

  • Smell - incense is traditional, but a candle or essential oil works well too. If you don't have these you can use your perfume/ aftershave. Fresh flowers are also nice to add for fragrance

  • Sound - guided meditation or music (can be found on youtube, spotify, amazon), tibetan singing bowl, meditation bell is also nice to have

  • Touch - Mala beads work nicely as something smooth to touch and can help you focus but even a smooth stone from the garden or piece of fabric could work well

  • Sight - select meaningful photos of people or places, objects, statues, crystals to place in the space

  • Taste - Have a glass of water or herbal tea which is a nice addition to the daily ritual

  • Nature - Include something from nature within your items eg: flowers, leaves...

4) Creating your space/ alter -Once you have gathered all your items, its now time to create your space/alter. You can use a small table to place your sacred items on or even just placing a cloth over some books would work well.

5) Now it is time to Sit and Breathe, try it out. Add extra cushions, blankets or items if needed. Remember its your space and it should feel like you can relax.

Make changes every now and again. Don't be afraid to try different things during different times of the year or parts of you life. If you fancy sharing a picture of your alter/ space it would be great to connect on Facebook: Sleepy Circle

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