Woman Sleeping
Image by Kinga Cichewicz
Image by Alexandra Gorn


Sleep Recovery

Sleep Recovery ( 1 session - have a plan on how to reconnect to your natural ability to sleep)
Suitable for people wanting to learn more about their sleep or for people with basic sleep issues.


Sleep Intervention

Based on holistic sleep principles, as a brief intervention. After completing a series of questionnaires and a two week sleep diary, Helen will look though the results and present a tailored treatment plan during a 60 minute online or face to face consultation. One month email follow up support is also included. This is suitable for simple and more recent sleep issues.


Sleep Reboot

Sleep Reboot ( 4sessions - learn skills and techniques to improve your sleep, email support through the 4 weeks during working hours)
The first session will be an intake assessment, and then 3 further sessions, will guide you through your personalised sleep treatment plan. All sessions can be offered online or face to face. Over a period of 4 weeks your sleep will be continuously analysed, your progress tracked, and your personalised plan refined. Once your sessions with Helen are completed, one further month of email support is also included.

Sleeping Baby



This package includes a full sleep history, a 48 hour sleep log and a 45 minute online consultation. Personalised for you and designed to troubleshoot what’s happening for your little one. A bespoke sleep programme is created and email
support (during working hours) for three weeks.