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Lacking in energy.....

One of the major health issues affecting people is a lack of energy.

No one wants to feel drained, exhausted and stressed out all the time so they seek support.

There are so many ways our energy resources get drained; overwork, exhaustion, insufficient exercise, over exercise, poor diet, constant worrying, plus not enough me-time to re-charge.

Would you expect your vehicle to run on an empty tank ..... sessions here at Balancing Touch Wellness are like refuelling the gas tank, I show/ guide you to use healing tools and techniques to keep your energy levels high, to boost your health and provide space for you to explore how you can ensure you keep everything functioning at its optimum - when your mind, body, spirit are in balance you will feel amazing.

One to one sessions offer support when you are experiencing:

* Lack of energy, tiredness

* Fatigue, mild exhaustion – heading for burn out

* Procrastination and lack of life direction

* Weight problems

* Digestive problems - bloating constipation

* Aches & Pains, stress related physical ailments

I’m able to address all manner of stress related disorders, energy imbalances. After the consultation I’ll then provide a wellness program that’s unique for you and your needs.

Energy 4 Life uses four modalities depending on what you need and which modalities you would like to use. These modalities promote a healthy balance in your mind and body increasing your energy levels.

Energy Exercises to re-energise and enhance the flow of energy within your body, 

Energy Psychology to release stress and free your mind from thought patterns and negative beliefs that are holding you back in life. 

Energy Foods that re-vitalise your system

Energy Balance to relax and calm you, using alignment techniques that instantly affect the nervous system inducing deep relaxation and meditation. It balances emotions and promotes the flow of energy